As adults, we all have to work to make a living. A few of us are fortunate enough to love our jobs, some of us don't care either way about them, and there are those who just hate what they do. A lucky young man in Japan may possibly have the most ideal job in the world.

Japan's obsession with all things "character" has been a topic we recently discussed here on Dramafever. Funasshee, a character who represents the city of Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture, is the big star of stars, the king of all characters. Inside Funasshee is a man in his thirties, and he is living a rock star life.

It seems just being the man inside the lovable Funasshee is enough for tons of ladies. He has a loyal following of female fans, many who have asked him to marry them. Lines to take a photo with him (in his costume) are consistently long. Getting slipped a phone number here and there is a daily occurrence for this celebrity character.

Rumor has it that the man inside Funasshee, albeit short in stature, is quite the looker. When the already love-struck female fans heard that, things apparently started to get out of control. The man in the costume is treated like Johnny Depp by hoards of his adoring fans.

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This may all sound ridiculous, but Mr. Inside Funasshee is most definitely having the last laugh. He is said to be making around 5 million dollars a year.

So where do I send my resume?