It's been confirmed that Lee Jin Wook will star with Ha Ji Won in the upcoming Korean remake of the famous Taiwanese romance drama, In Time With You, which originally starred Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin. The new drama will get a new name too, along with some other changes.

The new drama will be named The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days. As in the original In Time With You, Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook will play lifelong friends who belong with each other but don't realize their love until much later. Throughout the years, they critique and give each other dating advice, when all along they should be the ones together as a couple.

When Ha Ji Won was first offered the leading role, we had fun guessing who would play Mr. Right, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't even think about Lee Jin Wook. For a while it was also reported that Rain was in the running. But now, I'm really glad to see Lee Jin Wook take on the leading man role. I first noticed the masculine hottie in Spy Myung Wol. He then became a leading man in the impressive time-travel Nine, and he recently played a prince in The Three Musketeers.

The next question is, Who will play Mr. Wrong? Check out the guesses I made HERE for Sunny Wang's bad-boy role. Now that the main leads are confirmed, I'm sure the other actors will be announced soon. The drama is set to start in June. I can't wait.

Do you think Lee Jin Wook will fit in Chen Bo Lin's shoes? Who is your guess for Mr. Wrong now? You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE to catch The Time I Loved You, 700 Days on DramaFever in June!

See Lee Jin Wook in the thrilling time travel series Nine:

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