Ha Ji Won looks radiant in her latest photo shoot! The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days star gives fans a glimpse of spring 2016 in her latest beauty photo spread for Elle magazine. In the January issue, Ha wears elegant pink and white blouses while modeling the newest product from Giorgio Armani's beauty line.

"I usually don't wear much makeup, but this product brings out the best of my skin. It's very light as if I'm not wearing any make-up," she said about the makeup that made her great skin appear flawless. 

The gorgeous celebrity is looking forward to another great year in the spotlight. She is anticipating the release of her new movie, Life-Staking Love, in the first half of next year. Ha stars alongside actors Chun Jung Myung and Chen Bo Lin in the joint South Korea and China production about a mystery writer and her detective friend going after a serial killer. 

After her sweet romantic comedy this year, Ha seems to be ready for a change in roles again. Life-Staking Love may have some romance in it, but I'll bet it has plenty of action too. Are you ready to see the Damo actress slowly return to her action star roots? 

When true love finds her after 200 years of being not only beautiful, but immortal, can Min Se Yeon defy time in the name of romance? Find out in the new web series Never Die:

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