While Ha Ji Won is still finalizing her possible Korean remake of hit Taiwanese romance drama In Time With You, she has also been offered to star with hot Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin, the original Li Da Ren of In Time With You. However, a more important question is this: Do you prefer Chen Bo Lin clean-shaven or stubbly?

The new movie, Risking Life For Love, is a Korean-Chinese production. It is described as a romance comedy with thrilling elements. Ha Ji Won's agency confirmed that she has received the offer, and she is, reportedly, considering it more favorably than other projects. Nothing is finalized yet.

For fans, we just want something to be finalized. Whether it'll be In Time With You (Korean title: The Time I've Loved You, 7000 Days) with Rain, who was recently offered the leading man role, or RIsking Life for Love with Chen Bo Lin, I think we'd be happy with either option and even ecstatic if both came true.

And, here's the very important question: Do you prefer Chen Bo Lin clean-shaven or stubbly? 

Which Chen Bo Lin does your heart desire? See him in the original Taiwanese drama In Time with You:

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Check out Ha Ji Won's possible leading men: 

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