How does Ha Ji Won style her apartment? What’s the most treasured item in Park Hae Jin’s bachelor house? Since when did Girls Generation’s Tiffany have a mansion in Los Angeles? Scroll down to reveal them all!

1 Suzy

Suzy revealed her house in reality show Off the Record in January. Her 4 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment is 4700 sq. ft. and located in the heart of Gangnam. 

2 Park Hae Jin

How many of you knew the Cheese in the Trap actor is obsessed with Nike sneakers? Park Hae Jin has collected over 200 Air Max series and a total of 1,000 Nikes. He stops by an enshrined shoe closet every night before going to bed! His favorite is Air Max 97 in silver, a pair he purchased in middle school. 

3 Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

SNSD’s Tiffany invited Taeyeon and Seohyun to her Los Angeles house, where they sunbathed and swam in luxury!

4 Rain

What was Rain’s bachelor house like before Rain married and moved in with Kim Tae Hee? Watch Rain play with his dogs and hide behind a door to change in this clip from the 2013 reality show Rain Effect:

5 Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won’s style seems to be a mix of modern and classic!

6 Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney has lived in some of the world’s great cities for work. When he moved to Los Angeles, the actor renovated an old house to his liking, which took a year. Watch him play with his dog Mango in this bilingual clip.

Which celebrity’s house is your favorite? Tell us below! 


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