Ha Ji Won has signed a contract with United Talent Agency (UTA)! This is such exciting news, because she's actually the first Korean actress to do this, and this isn't some rinky dink hole in the wall agency whose only client is Pete the Circus Elephant (no disrespect to Pete, of course, he's a wonderful elephant). Nope -- we're talking about big Hollywood star talent, like Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, and Gwyneth Paltrow!

See what happened is this: Ha Ji Won has had a bunch interest from casting directors, so it only made sense for her to sign with an agency like UTA, who would be able to help her further her career. Of course all eyes are on her now, watching to see if she’ll really be able to break into Hollywood.

August is turning out to be an amazing month for Ha Ji Won. She recently went ahead and set up her own agency called “Sun and Moon Entertainment.” She’s the only client in her agency so far but it seems with a contract with UTA, her new film Three Joseon Angels (coming out later this year), and her new drama Hwatu (set to air after Jung Yi: Goddess of Fire), her agency is off to a great start!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE