While there are many different styles of acting, as well as ways actors and actresses get ready for a role, it never hurts to be able to relate to the character you are suppose to portray. Although for some roles, trying to imagine or feel the emotions/mentality of their character may be difficult, for actor Ha Suk Jin, it would seem that identifying with his character Jung Suk from Let's Drink is not a problem (at least as far as romantic concerns go)!  Ha Suk Jin candidly admitted that he understood and agreed with Jung Suk in that he too doesn't object to dating a co-worker! 

In his current drama Let's Drink, actor Ha Suk Jin's character falls in love with his co-worker and in a recent interview with News 1, the actor went onto explain why he, like his character, does not see a problem with dating a co-worker.

When asked about how he himself felt about dating co-workers, Ha Suk Jin claimed, "I don‘t personally object to dating a colleague, in my case, it would be a question of whether I should date an actress or not. I think it can happen.” However, even though he wouldn't mind dating a colleague, he admitted that he would oppose making the relationship public.

When Ha was further asked about his own dating style, he did admit that it would be different from that of his character in Let's Drink. Ha Suk Jin stated, “I see the partner’s looks as a really superficial issue, Let‘s say I’m dating a woman who is my ideal type. But if she fixes her eyes with a smartphone app while we’re dating, I would hate that.”

Do you agree with Ha Suk Jin? Would you date a co-worker? Let us know below! 


Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)

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