hahabyul Haha and Byul introduced their first baby boy to the world on July 9th via Twitter. Since their wedding back in November of last year, Haha and Byul have been garnering a lot of attention for their highly publicized lovey-dovey relationship. The couple also updated the public throughout Byul's pregnancy, until today, when Haha tweeted, "God's dream. Dream is smiling at me right now. I'm a father! Good son Dream was born a week earlier than expected. Thank you Lord for being sensible!" He also added, "Above all else, my wife Go Eun. Seeing a small kid struggling while clenching her teeth, I cried, overwhelmed by her courage. Go Eun. Thank You and I love you." Haha seemed to be overflowing with joy as his joyous tweets continued periodically giving thanks to those who have supported him. He tweeted, "Mother, I've been giving you many hard times until now. I'm sorry. I love you. Mother." Congratulations Haha! (Source: Nate)