byul_haha Haha and Byul's pregnancy photo shoot has been released! In preparation for their baby, Haha commented that he wanted to make memories rather than a photoshoot. He said, "(They said) 35 weeks is the best so we did it for Dream (temporary name). The backstory is that we cancelled the outside shooting because we drank so much the night before and did only indoors photoshoot." Haha also revealed that he's been studying prenatal education. He said, "When we are together, I help her put on oil so her stomach doesn't get chapped, and I read her stories three time a day." This couple is definitely one to look out for, as they share their love publicly, announcing their future together. Haha finally proposed, "Only a month is left. Thank you for gifting me with a miracle an I will wokr to becoming a great dad." Byul and Haha are absolutely delightful to watch! (Source: Nate)