HaHa and Byul patiently waited to have sex until after marriage. The sweet celebrity couple recently made an appearance on the SBS talk show Healing Camp. The Running Man cast member revealed that he was a perfect gentleman to his wife during their courtship. 

"We set our wedding date in November and revealed this in August. I revealed our wedding news myself, and the reporters close to me sent a lot of curveball questions. There were a lot of questions about physical contact, which I felt was unfair. All we did was hug, really. I protected her," he explained. 

When he did disclose they were practicing chastity before marriage, it wasn't in the way he envisioned. "The reporters teased me, so I lost my temper and told them about 'chastity before marriage.' I was going to tell them in a nice.way, but it happened like that. I was apologetic towards Byul and her mother."

Byul added that she already felt like his wife after news about their personal life was revealed. In turn, he registered their marriage early. They wed in November of 2012, and their son was born in July of 2013.

I believe HaHa shouldn't have felt pressured to disclose his personal information. He was doing what he felt was best for him and his future bride. Their courtship was sweet; it's too bad he didn't have the opportunity to share it the way he wanted to.

What do you think about his revelation? 

Watch Haha in the latest episode of Running Man:

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