20130125_haha Comedian and singer Haha revealed that his wife Byul is pregnant! On January 25th, Haha tweeted, "Everyone! Congratulate us! I finally became a father! I guess I'm a one room kind of guy! It's been 3 months (since Byul's pregnancy) and the baby is very healthy! Aigo. I'm embarrassed. I've been itching to tell the members, office, and everyone," announcing Byul's pregnancy. He also added, "I had to keep my mouth shut until the baby was stable! They said that the baby is very healthy! You guys are going to pray for Dream's tall height right? Congratulate us all you want! I'll be going on a vacation for a little while." Haha and Byul tied the knot on November 30th, 2012 but were living together after registering their marriage even before the actual wedding. What do you think they should name their little one? (Source: www.naver.com)