Haha On the May 15, Haha posted two adorable pictures on twitter, and captioned them “I’m the little prince! No, you say? Hmph. Because I was so bored on the way to Seoul." In the photo, Haha is smiling brightly in front of the little prince figure drawn in the sand on the white sandy beach. Matching with his given nickname "Top kid," he made his fans laugh with a cute pose. Netizens who came across this commented, “Haha is cute,” “He looks like the little prince,”  “Cute Haha,” “Cool little prince sand figure,” “Did you go to Busan?” and “Little prince at heart.” When he isn't posing in the sand for his twitter followers, Haha is pretty busy at the moment, currently appearing in the following shows: MBC's Infinite Challenge, SBS's Running Man, and Barefoot Friends. (Source: Nate News)