We're going global with this week's hair battle! Entering the hair arena is South Korea's own No Min Woo as his Full House Take 2 character Lee Tae Ik vs. Japan's Miura Haruma as his Last Cinderella character Hiroto Saeki! Both of these characters rocked the reddish auburn hair color with a full-body and volumized style! Who'll take this global win? It's up to you to decide which character rocked his 'do the best!

Both Lee Tae Ik and Hiroto Saeki had pretty much the same cut except the parting was different and HS went with longer layers than TI. 

The behind the ear look. Lee Tae Ik was slick and smooth with his hair because he's an idol and idols need to keep it chic. Hiroto Saeki, on the other hand, is a semi-pro skateboarder whose hair is always free-flowing and natural.

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On the days hair needed to be out of the face, TI went with not only just a small section being pulled back, but he also opted for a unique perm style. Meanwhile in Japan, HS prefers the half-up half-down ponytail style.

Part of having a great hairstyle is making sure it goes with your body style and creates proportion. Seriously! I didn't just put shirtless photos of them up here for no reason! You have to really stare at these two photos in order to decide who your global winner will be!

Now that you've carefully considered this week's competitors, it's now time to decide who will win this global war. Are you #TeamSK or #TeamJapan?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE