This week's hair battle pits the kings of long hair against each other. Both known for their gorgeous long locks are actor/models Kim Jae Wook and Song Jae Rim! Now sure, both of them have since cut off their locks, but their careers were practically built on having sexy long hair. Unfortunately, only one can claim victory at the end of this battle, and it's up to you to choose who that is.

Pony-Up: Both of these guys sizzle when they pull their hair back, but whose side-profile are you loving the most?

Pulled Back: Notice Kim Jae Wook goes for the full hair pull-back, showing off his pretty hairline. Song Jae Rim prefers to leave a little in the front out.

Shirtless: I feel the two of them being shirtless helps us to better judge the length of their hair.

(Photo Credit: Marie Claire)

See Shin Ha Kyun as an elderly chaebol who ages in reverse in the romantic comedy Mr. Baek:

Casual 'Do: These photos pretty much show their long locks in their natural state. KJW always had a cool edgy street style and wore his long hair most often in the style pictured below. SJR was always pretty free when it came to his long hair. He usually just wore it as pictured without any real style to it, and minus the cute little headband.

Short and Sleek: Sadly, both guys have cut their long locks and now sport shorter styles. If you remember, Kim Jae Wook had to cut his hair before going into the military, and Song Jae Rim debuted his short style in Nail Shop Paris.

(Photo Credit: Innolife and Laneige Homme)

I know it's a hard choice, and I could hardly contain my own feels, but this is important! Who do you choose as the ultimate "King of Long Hair"? #TeamJaeWook or #TeamJaeRim?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE