A while ago, I wrote a piece about some smartphone futons that were scheduled for release. Well, they did go on sale last month, except it's not smartphones that are getting the best use out of them.

"Even your smartphones need some rest!" That was how these cute little miniature futons were marketed. Coming in six different designs, they became available on August 27th, either online or through gacha gacha, a machine where you put money in and twist a lever until your prize falls out.

Many consumers waited in anticipation, while the manufactures sat back and soaked in admiration for themselves and their brilliant idea. "Little futons for little phones. Brilliant!"

Maybe brilliant, but it's not smartphone owners who are touting this newest accessory. The happiest are hamster owners. Right after the futons went on sale, it became apparent that they were the perfect size for hamsters. The hamsters, as seen in the photos below, seem to love them. It literally is the perfect size futon for a hamster. Looking at the hamster all cuddled up makes me want to go out and buy a regular, adult size Japanese futon for myself.

So there you have it. The new smartphone futon is now available for your phone, I mean, for your hamster.

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