Actress Han Chae Ah announced that she’s dating Cha Se Jji at the press conference of a film, Part-Time Spy, last Wednesday. Earlier this month, a dating rumor had sprawled out which Han Chae Ah’s agency Mystic Entertainment denied.

“I am seeing Cha Se Jji,” Han Chae Ah acknowledged at the film conference. She explained the agency had denied the dating rumor to protect her, worried it could ruin the actress’s public image. She continued, “The agency and I had some miscommunications … I felt horrible about lying. I'm sorry again. I'm not an idol and I’ve aged enough. I didn't want to hide my relationship status. He and I are seeing each other well.”

Cha Se Jji is from a popular soccer family. His dad, Cha Bum Kun, was a former national soccer player and later a head coach of the national team. His older brother Cha Du Ri is a retired World Cup soccer player.

Han Chae Ah was undoubtedly relieved after telling the truth. “I’ve been dating him for a long time, and we wanted to make our relationship public,” Han Chae Ah said. “After I made the announcement, he was so happy,”

They’re not yet thinking of marriage according to the actress, though who knows what good things will happen in the future?

Congratulations, Han Chae Ah and Cha Se Jji!

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