One of the worst things about being famous has to be dealing with stalkers. Most times, these obsessed fans are mentally unstable, and completely delusional. So this begs the question — when Han Eun Jung revealed on TV yesterday that she had a crazy stalker, why was everyone laughing?

Being stalked by a crazed fan is no laughing matter, at least for most people. But for Han Eun Jung, her real-life experience with a creepy stalker turned into a hilarious story she told yesterday on TV talk show Radio Star. "That person troubled me a lot. He even leaked my personal information. He came by my house and would look for me at night, which was very difficult for me. So I met him in person and asked him to stop but he didn't listen. A manager then spoke up and said he'll end this. But the stalker responded more aggressively and threatened to cut off all the managers achilles tendons."

Now that is some pretty crazy stuff. How crazy is it that she met him in person? She's fearless! At that point, the story is already pretty funny, just because we all know that she was unharmed and okay. And how about the stalker's threat? Threatening to cut off someone's achilles tendons? That's pretty random (and funny in a wacko way), proof of an unstable mind, if you ask me. So what happened after the threat, you ask? According to the 36-year-old actress, "So the next day all the managers showed up wearing hiking boots."


"I had this scary stalker threaten to cut off my manager's achilles tendons. "

"So the next day the managers showed up wearing hiking boots!"


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