Ha Ga In and Yun Jung Hoon are proud parents!

After several hours of labor, the Moon that Embraces the Sun actress gave birth to a healthy baby girl in a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul today. Her hubby Yun Jung Hoon was by her side and patiently waited for their bundle of joy to arrive, according to sources. The delightful baby, who is nicknamed Bolt, doesn't have her named registered yet. We will have to wait a little bit longer for Bolt's name to be released.

Han and the Vampire Prosecutor actor endured a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2014. The couple, who celebrate 11 years of marriage this year, seemed to rely on each other and become stronger through that difficult period of time. I'm so glad they were able to welcome a new baby into their loving home just two years later. The star couple has been through so much. It's great to know that Bolt will be a light in their lives.

Congratulations to Han Ga In and Yun Jung Hoon!

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