Ha Ga In's little one will be bae! The Moon That Embraces The Sun actress and her hubby, actor Yun Jung Hoon, are welcoming her first child into the world in 4 short months! Han's agency, BH Entertainment, made the exciting announcement today. 

“Han Ga In is 19 weeks pregnant. At five months, this is her second pregnancy since getting married 10 years ago in 2005," the BH representative explained. 

“The family is extremely happy. Han Ga In is being cautious with her health. She is abstaining from going outside and making an effort with prenatal education.”

After a heartbreaking miscarriage last spring, fans are overjoyed that the beloved celebrity couple will finally have the opportunity to share their love with a new baby. A big congratulations to the parents-to-be! I sincerely hope she has a easy pregnancy and gives birth to a healthy baby. 

She and the Mask star will greet their newborn in the spring of 2016. Do you think they will have a girl or boy? 

Watch Yun Jung hoon in the hit series Mask:

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