Many fans get crushed when their favorite stars reveal they are dating, even when said star is already 34! It happened again, this time when Chinese singer-actor Han Geng, formerly of K-pop group Super Junior, announced that he is dating Chinese American actress Celina Jade (Arrow).

On his 34th birthday, February 9, Han Geng stunned his fans when he posted this message on Weibo: “Hello, 34. Hello, my girl."

He also included a link to Celina Jade's account.

In perfect coordination, Celina soon posted, “Hello, my guy.”

Many fans are shocked. Some of them have posted comments, such as "I'm heartbroken," and "This is too sudden. I can't accept it."

It comes as a surprise since these two stars have never co-starred in any drama or movie. Celina Jade is a Hong Kong-born Chinese American model, singer-songwriter and actress, who is enjoying a rise in popularity with her role in the hit Chinese film, Wolf Warrior 2. She also starred in the American TV series Arrow.

According to Chinese media reports, the new celebrity couple first met last September, when they were both presenters at the Golden Rooster film awards ceremony held in China. The following clip shows Hang Geng assisting Celina Jade as they walked down a grand staircase to enter the stage. They admired each other's work and exchanged best wishes, before they proceeded to announce the award for best music score.

The couple looks cute! Best wishes to them!

Did you know there is a romantic movie on DramaFever that stars Han Geng, Kris Wu (formerly of EXO), and Joo Won? What a fabulous combination of popular leading men! They were all pursuing the same woman in the movie Sweet Sixteen.

Here it is!


Sweet Sixteen - 夏有乔木, 雅望天堂

Starring Kris Wu and Han Geng

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