hanhyejin On a recent episode of SBS's Healing Camp, Han Hye Jin officially admitted she is in a relationship with the soccer star Ki Sung Yong. Although she never mentioned his name, it has been reported that Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yong have been dating for two months. Although the actress did not bring up the topic herself, Han Hye Jin's representative asked the viewers and fans to look at her new relationship kindly. Meanwhile, her beau Ki Sung Yong tweeted, "I wanted to say that we are currently seeing each other with good heart. We just started dating so we were being careful but we didn't feel as though we did anything wrong and we provide each other strength so we wanted to announce it publicly. I don't think more should be said, we will continue our relationship in good light." Meanwhile, Ki Sung Yong recently finished running in the World Cup final against Qatar and has returned to Korea. Do you have any well wishes for the new couple? Leave them in the comments below! (Source: www.news.nate.com)