Ever since the news of Han Hye Jin’s engagement to professional soccer player Ki Sung Yong, there have been all sorts of rumors, including Han Hye Jin having double relationships and being pregnant -- but that’s apparently just the pain of being famous.

On SBS's Healing Camp, Han Hyen Jin -- this time, as the show's guest -- denied that she was seeing both her ex and Ki Sung Yong at the same time. This rumor is understandable, though, because Han Hye Jin met Ki Sung Yong in August, 2012, but only announced her break up with her ex in December, 2012.

To give Han Hye Jin a chance to explain the rumor, MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked her, “when did you break up with your ex-boyfriend?” To this, Han Hye Jin clarified :

“I haven’t been seeing him since last summer … we were already becoming distanced even before that, which many people around me knew about … I was having movie interviews in October and November last year. I only announced my break up in December because I didn’t want to be bombarded with questions about my break up on the interviews.”
Seems like her story checks out!