A news report featuring photos of top underwear models was broadcast on January 29th and Han Hye Jin's pictorials were in the mix. Rumors that appeared factual began to spread that Han Hye Jin was an underwear model. Needless to say the actress was appalled, tweeting her frustration: “Why don’t you bother to get your facts straight before broadcasting information about others? I have never been an underwear model.” She explained, “Those photos you aired are not of me wearing ‘underwear.’ They were part of photo shoots for magazine spreads. I just couldn’t help but want to say something when I saw your report. I’ve found myself slipping into a state of disbelief. I guess today’s just one of those days…”

Netizens were angered by the false reports too, and some commented  “Just by one glance you can tell it’s not underwear. What do they mean by underwear model??” and, “I think I can understand how you feel, Han Hye Jin” and “Don’t they know any better? They should verify their facts before broadcasting that kind of information.”

This seems kind of like a game of telephone, where some of the correct information was lost along the way. What do you think of Han Hye Jin and the netizens' reactions?