healingcamp Recently, it was revealed that actress Han Hye Jin is in a relationship with soccer star Ki Sung Yong. Ki Sung Yong tweeted a confirmation of their status, but more recently Han Hye Jin herself finally came forward with an official statement regarding the new relationship. First off, Han Hye Jin's agency, Namoo Actors, revealed that the actress is indeed dating Ki Sung Yong and confirmed that they have been dating for only two months. They added, "The two are in the stage where they are getting to know one another so they are very careful." The rumors regarding their relationship formed when Ki Sung Yong wore sneakers that were engraved with the initials "HJ SY 24." Their romantic relationship was confirmed when a news source released photos that captured the two enjoying their secretive date. shoes What are your predictions for this new couple? (Source: http://www.moviejoy.com)