Upon her return to the small-screen, Han Hye Jin is busy praising her hot young soccer player husband, Ki Sung Yong, for his support of her at her recent press conference for SBS Kind Words.

Kind Words will be Han Hye Jin's first drama since marriage and her first return behind the camera since her tear-shedding leave from SBS Healing Camp. It was clear that the actress knew everyone was wondering about her marriage as she blatantly said in her first answer, "I really wanted to focus on family, but my heart was dwindling because I was a fan of the writer (of the drama). I shared the dilemma with my husband and surprisingly, he spoke to me in a very matter-of-fact manner." She explained thoroughly during the press conference that Ki Sung Yong understood more than anyone about what her career as an actress entailed and wished her luck with the drama. The actress added, "To this day, my husband is my number one supporter and my best friend."

Lastly, Han Hye Jin made all the ladies in the world jealous, including the cast of Kind Words, by saying that Ki Sung Yong had told her that she was the prettiest out of all cast members as words of encouragement.

The first airing of the newest melodrama series SBS Kind Words will be on December 2nd.