hanhyejin Actress and now soon-to-be wife Han Hye Jin is to reveal everything about her relationship with her Soccer player finance, Ki Sung Yong, on the next SBS Healing Camp. As the show has its 2nd anniversary, Healing Camp will be having a whole month full of special episodes, and Han Hye Jin, one of the three main MCs, will be its first guest. Han Hye Jin said during her exclusive interview that her life had completely turned upside down when she began her journey as an MC for Healing Camp. She also admitted, "The most memorable guest was Ki Sung Yong. London Camp was what brought us together." She also sparked interest when she said that she had shed tears when she told her parents about her relationship because of their unexpected reaction. And finally, Han Hye Jin is expected to leave Healing Camp at the end of July to visit Ki Sung Yong in England. She is set to be back in Korea after spending two months there. (Source: Nate)