Actress Han Hye Jin traveled to Tanzania on a goodwill trip recently. Despite Tanzania′s economic growth, over 90 percent of the local population there live on less than two dollars a day, while three in ten kids don’t live past the age of five. These tragic statistics reflect the issues the country continues to face. Han Hye Jin befriended the locals and gifted a well to a village to provide a clean source of water. She also promised to return and plant five hundred tree saplings in the future. During her travels there, Han Hye Jin couldn’t hold back the heartfelt emotions from what she was witnessing as she shared, “[They are] hungry and also don’t have any water. Is there any situation that could be worse than this? Everything here seems to be thirsting for something.” The opening of Han Hye Jin’s well and her other experiences there will air on December 8th on KBS’ Hope Road. (Source: