[caption id="attachment_30656" align="alignleft" width="290" caption="Kang Min Hyuk"][/caption] Over the weekend, Dong Yi's Han Hyo Joo became the first actress to appear on the music show Sketchbook. She revealed her methods for writing, titling and producing her own original songs, and gave a taste of her latest, called You're My Sweater. Host Yoo Hee Yul praised the richness of her voice, calling it more like cashmere--catch Han's a capella performance here. It's attack of the boy band idols on the upcoming drama It's Okay, Daddy's Girl, where Super Junior's Donghae and CN Blue's Kang Min Hyuk have been cast as earnest young guys from the wrong side of the tracks. Kang said he's aware of the prejudice against pop stars who try to act, but says "I'm working to do away with that impression through solid acting." Daddy's Girl, centering on Moon Chae Won's character who must overcome her own immaturity when the safety net of her family is suddenly taken away, premiers November 22nd. The big new melodrama of the week is Home Sweet Home, starring Kim Hye Soo and Hwang Shin Hye and promising a tale of jealous rivalry, murder and catfights galore. See the be-dazzling new posters right here. The Golden Bell Awards looked favorably on Rainie Yang this weekend, who won Best Actress for Hi My Sweetheart. Her co-star Show Luo was shut out of the Best Actor prize however, which went to Wu Cheng Di for his role in Moonlight of Brotherhood. Refreshingly low-key in a world of high-profile celebrity entrances and exits to and from Korea's mandatory military service, Tazza's Jo Seung Woo finished his service without fanfare, and even arranged to leave a day early than planned to avoid the spotlight of news coverage. Jo will next work on the stage musical Jekyll and Hyde. Finally, the future of 3D entertainment is a big topic in the States as well as Asia, where SK Telecom believes that the popularity of hallyu stars can make Korea a 3D entertainment powerhouse. Rather than concentrating on dramatic films, the company is focusing on bringing the Kpop concert experience into theaters after seeing Hannah Montana and the popular films of Metropolitan Opera performances that fill up movie theaters around New York City and across the country.