[caption id="attachment_11639" align="alignleft" width="353" caption="Yoon Shi Yoon"][/caption] Filming has wrapped on Heavenly Embroidery, the drama for China's CCTV starring Han Ji Hye as a woman who travels from Korea to China in search of her mother, but discovers a talent and love for traditional embroidery along the way. In an interview, Han described her experience working with director Huang Jian Zhong as "precious," saying that although she was initially worried about the language barrier, she ended up learning a lot both as "as an actress" and "as a human being." The first episode of Baker King Kim Tak Gu rose above the competition, surpassing Bad Guy and the Living Without Incident minidrama finale. The premier was set during the 60s and 70s, when bread was hard to come by--providing a backdrop for Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won's father's passion for pastry. Kim Bum is supporting South Korea's Red Devils at this years World Cup of course, and he's also supporting Nike sportswear as their new model. And make sure to catch Kim's Nike CM, also starring Song Joong Ki and Kim Yu Na. And speaking of Kim Yu Na, the figure skater addressed gossip about her personal life in a recent interview on Golden Fishery. When asked whether she had heard rumors that had paired her up romantically with everyone from Jang Geun Suk to Super Junior's Lee Teuk, Kim said "Of course I do. They're my rumors." She emphatically denied ever having met any of the guys involved, saying she's much too busy for boys! Even though Prosecutor Princess may not have taken off in national ratings, it still had a passionate fanbase, and star Park Shi Hoo has rewarded 20 staff members with an unusually generous post-wrap gift: a four-night, three-day stay at gorgeous Jeju Island! And finally, a couple of strange stories that show the power of Kpop: First up, the online "holy war" between Super Junior fans and anti-fans in China boiled over when the number of free tickets being given out was cut drastically from the original plan. Things got even worse when a Hong Kong newspaper falsely reported that someone had been killed in the crush for tickets. The resulting anti-foreign pop star furor resulted in Japan's SMAP canceling a performance, further disappointing everyone. And then there's this story, in which South Korea plans on using Kpop girl groups as part of psychological warfare against the North. I'm guessing it'll go something like this.