Han Ji Min is having fun on the Wife I Know filming set!

During a recent interview with High Cut magazine, the lovely actress opened up about her co-star, the magic of improvising on-set and teased about her upcoming film.

While she modeled a variety of gorgeous lipstick colors, Han Ji Min started talking about the wonderful chemistry she and co-star Ji Sung have on the filming set. “He is an angel and full of positivity. Just seeing him on set makes me feel reassured. We were improvising on set ever since the filming for the first episode, but it worked so well. Even the director was amazed as he said, ‘How do you guys work so well together like you planned it?’"

She continued, "If I suddenly lie down, he also lies down and says his lines, so I can improvise comfortably. The director doesn’t stop the scene when we’re acting together and lets us do what we do.”

Her stylist Han Hye Yeon even brought her own homewear clothes and resized them for Ji Min to wear, because she "wanted to be viewed as a real mother.”

Han Ji Min's upcoming film Miss Baek, which is about an introverted ex-convict caring for a little girl, is scheduled to be released next month. She had this to say about the new movie, “It will finally be released in mid-October. The acting in this movie is unprecedented and strong, but acting in Wife I Know served as a good middle bridge.”

You can catch episode 11 of Wife I Know tomorrow! Are you loving Han Ji Min's portrayal of Seo Woo Jin and her on-screen chemistry with Ji Sung?

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