So: Moon Chae-won is out, and Han Ji-min is in for Yoochun‘s new fantasy-sageuk-contemporary fusion drama Rooftop Prince. Interesting choice, but one I can get behind; I can see Han Ji-min easily fitting into a fusion sageuk romance (see: Capital Scandal). She can be perky and adorable, though she’s not strictly confined to bubbly roles (her current turn in Padam Padam is proof enough of that). She’s also done sageuk before (Yi San) as well as contemporary fare, so all around, I’m pleased with the casting. Moon Chae-won would’ve been great, sure, but I understand her wanting to get away from yet more sageuk princess imagery after two huge sageuk hits, back to back (The Princess’s Man, Bow: The Ultimate Weapon). And while Han Ji-min is four years older than Yoochun, (1) I think we’re just going to have to get used to the noona-romance as a fixture in dramaland, and (2) she’s also tiny, which somehow makes the age gap less of an issue in my head. I don’t know why. It must be the mental image of him towering over her, which mitigates the age-gap power-balance. (Contrast that with Lee Da-hae in Miss Ripley, for instance, who was eye to eye with Yoochun and I thought resembled his big sister more than innocent (seeming) love interest. But they also didn’t quite spark in the chemistry department, which is an altogether different issue.) Read more on Dramabeans.