Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul was charged with a hit and run and is expected to be brought to the police station for questioning. It occurred a few days ago in Samsung-dong, Seoul at around 8:30, when she struck someone at a parking lot near her home. She had apparently thought that the collision was a minor one, but didn't respond properly after the accident. The victim apparently had to go to the hospital for treatment as well. The victim seems to be charging her for the cost of his hospital bill. CCTV images were recently released of the accident as well. It's bad enough for any high profile star to get involved in an accident, and worse if they don't take proper measures in resolving it. Especially memorable was Kwon Sang Woo's hit-and-run accident last year, which tarnished his reputation and forced him to issue a public apology - all before his drama Daemul was about to air. Actress/model Han Ye Seul has famously starred in Will It Snow for Christmas?, Tazza, and Couple or Trouble. She is also set to star in the upcoming drama Spy Myung Wol. Let's hope her actions do not affect the viewers' response to her drama. source: Star News