Did Han Ye Seul predict handsome men in her future? Cable network jTBC recently released stills of Han, Jung Jin woon and Lee Joo Hyung making coffee in a sweet scene for their upcoming K-drama Madame Antoine. The lovely actress seems to be surrounded by flower boys as Jinwoon's character Seung Chan teaches Hye Rim (Han Ye Seul) how to properly make coffee, while Ji Ho (actor Lee Joo Hyung) looks on. 

In the series, she is supposed to be approached by three guys, so this is just the beginning of the fortune teller's dilemma. 

Madame Antoine is about a romantic fortune teller making a psychiatrist believe that true love actually exists. They can predict what others think about the world, but not about themselves. Hye Rin claims her spiritual connection to Marie Antoinette gave her psychic powers. The romantic comedy, which is scheduled to premiere on January 22, also co-stars actor Sung Joon.

Viewers haven't seen Han since the 2014 SBS series Birth of a Beauty. Are you looking forward to her grand return to television on Friday? Check out the latest trailer below, and sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

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