sunggyu Han Ye Seul responds to idol star Sunggyu's love call for We Got Married. INFINITE's leader, Sunggyu once had commented that if he were to be on We Got Married, he would want to be married to Actress Han Ye Seul because she would wake him up with her unique high-toned voice. He also revealed to be a long time fan of Han Ye Seul. When hearing about the proposal, the actress gave a mixed response as she stated, "People around me were more excited that Sunggyu had picked me. What a commendable boy." The actress also admitted that she is good at waking people up and jokingly commented, "Sunggyu~ you have to go make money. You have to do it when you're young," showing the viewers how she would wake him up for work. hanyeseul (Source: Nate)