If you love the hot guys in Asian dramas, wouldn't you be interested in a real-life smart and handsome Asian American hottie who is looking for a girlfriend? Or, you could introduce a girlfriend to him and earn $10,000 . But there's a catch.

Ren You moved to Birmingham, Alabama, about a year ago, and he has apparently had a difficult time finding a girlfriend. He's resorted to starting a website to openly accept applications or introductions. If you introduce a girlfriend to him, the only catch is that the relationship must be able to last more than 6 months for you to earn the $10,000 matchmaking reward.

Here are Ren You's vital stats:

  • 29 years old
  • 5'9" and 155 lbs.
  • Single, no pets
  • nonsmoker
  • Harvard MBA
  • Has a job at a private equity firm 

Besides enjoying reading, watching movies, and playing tennis and board games, Ren also likes to hike and go on strange new adventures. You can tell he loves his parents by the way he talks about them, and his mom said he's a "nice boy."

Here's the offer:

"If you introduce me to a girl and I date her for more than 6 months, I'll pay you $10,000. It's pretty simple. I save a ton of time on finding romantic prospects and going on bad dates. You make a bunch of money for something you might have done for a friend, just for fun.

It probably goes without saying, but no one I date can claim this reward herself."

How is it that a cute and smart guy like Ren cannot find a girlfriend?

According to Ren, he works 12-hour days and finds it hard to maintain a long relationship. He's actually experienced some bad dates, so it'll take a special person to recognize this "pearl" in Birmingham, Alabama. He is looking for someone intellectually curious and physically attractive.

As for the $10,000 offer, is it possible that someone could pair up to scam him? Ren told a reporter, "I think given the six months, I’ll be able to tell if you’re a fraud because that’s a long time to be my girlfriend and spend time with me. If two people are going to split the $10,000 and one work basically to spend time with me, it’s a lot of time over six months.” 

Here is his website: www.dateren.com and there is a simple form to submit your info.

You'll need to hurry if you are interested. Ever since the news media found out about Ren and his offer, he has already received over 400 applications. Many are from mothers who read about him and want to introduce their daughters. 

I don't know about you, but I'm checking out flights to Birmingham, Alabama! I don't know if Birmingham has the Chinese food that I crave, but I know there is one handsome and smart guy waiting for his true love.

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(Photo credit: dateren.com)