Popular Korean actor Jung Il Woo turns 27 on September 9. At his young age, he's already performed to stellar praise in many notable productions. Although we may each have different actors who we love the most, many of us hold a special place in our heart for the lovable Jung Il Woo. Here are some interesting facts about him.

1. He has a special ability to see ghosts in his current fantasy historical drama, The Night Watchman's Journal. However, he's been known to see ghosts before, as in 49 days, when he played the Scheduler, who is like the modern-day Grim Reaper to usher those who are transitioning into the netherworld.

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2. He must be naturally royal as he is playing a royal prince for the second time, having played Kim Soo Hyun's older brother in The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Unfortunately, his mother was not the queen, or he would have become the crown prince and then king. Many of us learned what it meant to have "Second Lead Syndrome" and shed tears for him.

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3. He has great experience in sword fights and martial arts since he was also the hero in The Return Of Iljimae.

4. However, maybe he's better off being a lawyer, as he's already been in the legal profession twice. First, he was a lawyer who almost married Yoon Eun Hye in Take Care Of The Young Lady.

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5. Then, he was a prosecutor who fell in love with UEE in Golden Rainbow. (He also admitted that this was the first show where he kissed an actress who was younger than he was.)

6. On the other hand, if he never can become the king or if he gets tired of the legal profession, he can always open a ramen shop full of hot guys, as in Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and I'm sure the lines will be longer than all the noodles put together.

7. Recently, we learned that his mother lovingly wove the beautifully patterned fabric for his lovely hanbok in The Night Watchman's Journal. According to Jung in a previous interview, he loves fashion and envies girls who could wear pretty clothes and makeup. If he could, he said he would wish to be "reborn as a female."

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8. He just graduated from the Hanyan University this year with a degree from the theater and film department, after studying for six years. And he graduated with honors for achievement within and outside the university.

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9. His childhood good friend is Lee Min Ho, and they were both injured in the same car crash in 2006. They are also good friends with Kim Bum, who starred with Jung in Unstoppable High Kick and then with Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers. (This is almost like the six degrees of Jung Il Woo.) For Jung Il Woo's birthday a few years ago, both Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum showed up in a surprise visit at his fan-meet and celebrated his birthday together. They are clearly bonded.

How will Jung Il Woo celebrate his 27th birthday? Since he's filming The Night Watchman's Journal, perhaps we can watch the new episodes and wish him a successful fight to vanquish evil and get the girl? Jung also said he loves comedy the most, and we definitely see his comedic flair in quite a few scenes.

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