Happy 25th Birthday CL! From fearlessly leading 2NE1, shattering records, hanging out with Diplo and Justin Bieber, and debuting her solo career in the United States, CL has had a fantastic career so far! In honor of the fiercest queen of K-pop, we've compiled a fun list of 25 photos (and GIFs!) of the rap sensation as well as 25 facts you may not know about CL!

Scroll through and experience the fierceness that is the beautiful CL and learn a little about the K-pop star on the way!


CL was born on February 26, 1991 in Seoul. Her birth name is Lee Chae Rin, but she has also gone by her English name, Faith Lee.


CL spent much of her young life living abroad in Japan and France. Because of her time abroad, CL can speak Korean, Japanese, French, and English!


She actually trained with JYP Entertainment before joining YG Entertainment in 2006 when she was 15 years old.


While she was training with JYP, CL shared a room with Wonder Girl So Hee! They became great friends and are still friends today. CL is also great friends with Ye Eun from the Wonder Girls.


In junior high, CL was enrolled in a dance school with Zinger (Secret), HyunA (4Minute), Seungyeon (Kara),& Sunye (Wonder Girls).


CL's first feature on a song recording was BIGBANG's "Intro (Hot Issue)" in 2007.


The rapper was originally supposed to debut as a solo act, but ended up becoming the leader of 2NE1.


CL's father is a physics professor. No wonder where CL gets her smarts!


Some of CL's favorite artists are Queen, Lil' Kim, Madonna, and Lauryn Hill.


While CL is known for getting down and dirty, she is actually a clean freak! She's extremely organized and likes everything to be super clean.


However, CL is surprisingly bad at using the computer. She once admitted she even had trouble doing something simple like changing her desktop background.


Despite her party girl image, CL actually prefers to stay home and spend time with close friends instead of going out clubbing or dancing.


Her nickname in Japan when she was younger was "Pig Rabbit."


CL has popularized many slang phrases, like “Ahh Go Go Go!!!” and “Oh My Gawdddd!!!”


CL has a younger sister named Harin, and the two look scarily alike. You can check out Harin's awesome Instagram account HERE!


CL wrote her own rap in G-Dragon's track "The Leaders." You can check out the song here!


CL's favorite kind of coffee is Americano.


CL used to be a translator between foreign and local dancers. These dancers are the ones who taught her hip-hop dancing!


She is known as the "sleepy head" of 2NE1 because of how much she loves to sleep. CL once slept for 20 hours straight!


CL's favorite hobbies include writing, drawing, and coloring.


In 2011, CL was a guest judge on Project Runway Korea with designer Jeremy Scott!


CL has worked with many famous American producers and DJs, including Diplo, Skrillex, and RiFF RAFF.


CL dreams of visiting Greece and Egypt.


CL was the first Korean musician to be on the cover of ELLE Korea in 2014!


CL's first solo EP Lifted is set to be released some time in 2016. So far the track names released are "Birthday," "Fallin," "Lifted," and "One" as well as her hit single "Hello Bitches."

Comment below and help us wish CL the happiest of birthdays! We can't wait to see what she does next!

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