We all know that Joo Won is the absolute best at making crying faces and playing dramatic roles, like in Yong Pal, but let's not forget that the handsome birthday boy also has a charming goofy side that you can't help but be smitten by. Let's celebrate this talented K-drama hottie's 28th birthday by falling in love with his adorable face all over again!

1. Doesn't seeing Joo Won shimmy make you want to get up and get down on the dance floor? You know you can't control yourself any longer!

2. Oh no, little Joo Won looks so worried!...Just kidding!

3. Aren't Joo Won's hello and excited waving the sweetest thing you've ever seen? 

4. Not gonna lie, this is exactly what I've always wanted to do to Joo Won's squishy little face! 

5. His laughter is absolutely contagious! 

6. One cocky wink coming right up! I'd like to get cocky right back at him, if you know what I mean...

7. Smolder+smeyes= *dead*

8. Another classic Joo Won dance move. How do the ladies control themselves?

9. This little smirk face gets me every time! 

(From Tomorrow's Cantabile)

10. But nothing beats a simple, sweet smile from my Joo Won! 

(From Yong Pal)

Happy Birthday, Joo Won!

(From Good Doctor)

What's your favorite Joo Won face? What's your favorite Joo Won role? Yong Pal ends tomorrow! Are you sad that it's over? Comment below! 

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