It's SHINee member Choi Minho's 23rd birthday (24 Korean age). Some of you may love him for being the group's "Flaming Charisma"; others may love him for his roles in To the Beautiful You and Medical Top Team, but either way you look at it, everyone loves Minho! To show our love and appreciation for Minho, we're celebrating his birth by acknowledging his natural hotness. It makes total sense, considering the first thing anyone says when they see Minho is, "Oh, he's hot." So below are 10 photos of Minho being naturally hot in pretty much every situation of his life. 

10. Minho as a doctor is hot. #HealMeMinho

(Photo Credit:imbc)

9. Minho sitting in that suit is hot.

(Photo Credit: Segye)

Watch Minho's hotness in action on To the Beautiful You:

8. Minho wearing a school uniform is hot.

7. Minho pondering the meaning of life is hot.

(Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan)

6. Minho walking around is hot.

(Photo Credit: Melting Smile)

5. Minho about to cut that tomato is hot.

4. Minho's Everybody concept photos in a red leather uniform are hot.

3. Minho in SHINee-mode on stage with no shirt is hot.

2. Minho showing off his athleticism is hot. 

1. Minho smiling is hot.

Happy Birthday Minho!!! #24YearsOfMinho

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE