Today is Lee Bo Young's birthday! The talented actress turns 36 today (37 Korean age), so let's celebrate by taking a look at some of the many reasons we love Lee Bo Young:

1. She has a gift for humor

Lee Bo Young won over viewers as the hilariously obstinate Jang Hye Sung in I Hear Your Voice. Her saucy attitude in the role helped carry the show to immense popularity. 

2. She's willing to try a variety of characters

Rather than sticking to just one type of character, Lee Bo Young has done a range of roles. For example, she most recently took on a melodramatic role as the mother of a young girl who was murdered in God's Gift — 14 Days.

3. Her natural elegance

Did you know that Lee Bo Young won Miss Daejeon in the Miss Korea pageant in 2000 before she made her debut as a model and actress? No wonder she has such a natural air of grace about her!

4. She and Ji Sung are the most adorable celebrity love birds

Lee Bo Young and husband Ji Sung first met on the set of Save the Last Dance for Me back in 2004, and they finally married in 2013. When asked about their relationship, Lee Bo Young has said that she initially rejected Ji Sung many times because he wasn't her type, but he eventually won her over because of his "very beautiful heart." Awwwww. So sweet! They are always very supportive and loving of each other in interviews.

5. She has a great sense of fashion

Maybe it's her modeling background at work, but Lee Bo Young always has stunning and glamorous red carpet style.

6. Her friendship with Lee Jong Suk

Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk developed an older sister/younger brother relationship on the set of I Hear Your Voice. The two have remained fast friends since that time, reportedly calling and texting each other encouragement. Lee Jong Suk was one of the few celebrities invited to Lee Bo Young's wedding with Ji Sung.

Watch Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk in I Hear Your Voice:

7. She maintains relationships

In addition to her ongoing friendship with Lee Jong Suk, she also continues to support staff members from her previous dramas. For example, she sent a food truck to the set of Pinocchio because the writer, director, and lead actor all worked with her on I Hear Your Voice.

8. She cares for the earth

Lee Bo Young is involved with various environmental causes, including appearing in a commercial for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

9. She's a believable crier 

Crying is one of those acting skills that gives even the most talented actors and actresses trouble from time to time, but Lee Bo Young has managed to make her tears emotional without going overboard. 

10. She's going to be an amazing mom

We're so happy for Lee Bo Young, Ji Sung, and their expected baby! Lee Bo Young is due in July, and we're wishing the lovely couple a healthy pregnancy and a happy child!

Happy birthday, Lee Bo Young! What's your favorite of her roles? Comment below!