EXO's Sehun is known for his hair changing colors all of the time. At some point over the past 3 years, he has probably had every color hair you could possibly think of! Since it is already April 12th in Seoul, it is officially the time to start celebrating his birthday! Let's take a look at some of Sehun's best and brightest hair colors below!

1. Platinum blonde

Sehun's platinum blonde hair somehow manages to look so natural on him!

2. Brown/Auburn

This brownish-redish color hair was perfect for the darker vibe of the "Overdose" era!

3. Lime green

This green color didn't last very long, but it is just further proof that it is impossible for Sehun to look bad even with crazy hair colors.

4. Cotton candy pink

This adorable pastel pink color makes it look like his hair is cotton candy!

5. Silver/grey

Sehun was totally way ahead of the new "Granny hair" trend. He also happens to look awesome with it!

6. Bleached blonde with black roots

By embracing his black roots while keeping his platinum blonde hair, it created an edgy high fashion look.

7. Magical rainbow

This list would not be complete without Sehun's glorious rainbow hair! Many have tried to pull off rainbow hair like this, but very few could even come close to this level of cool.

8. Light brown

This light brown color looks so natural and it's always nice to see him with his hair down.

9. Pale pastel purple

This pale pastel purple color was mostly just for the MAMA awards back in 2013, but it really looked good!

10. Jet black

Sehun's current hair color (and my personal favorite!) looks flawless! After all the crazy colors he has had over the years, you can always count on black hair to look very classic.

It's clear that Sehun can pull off pretty much any hair color! He has even had so many more hair colors and styles than the ones on this list. Even though there are so many to choose from, can you pick which hair color is your favorite? To see more of Sehun and EXO, you can watch their new music videos for "Call Me Baby" below!

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