Choi Woo Shik turns 25 today! Currently starring in Fool's Love alongside UEE, his character Ho Goo is beyond adorable. It seems that is not far of a stretch though, as any internet search churns up photos of the young, charismatic actor being endlessly charming. As proof, here are 10 times Woo Shik was too cute for words!

1. The time they captured video of him quirking his eyebrow during his 1st Look photo shoot (and bless whomever turned it into a GIF).

2. The time he was so bored he couldn't stand it.

3. The time he and Im Seul Ong couldn't keep it together while filming a scene for Fool's Love.

4. The time he couldn't even take a suit seriously so he started playing with his hands during a Ceci photo shoot.

5. The time he tried to be a spy in the Korean version of Fated To Love You.... tried.

6. The time he posed for this photo "kissing" UEE between takes of Fool's Love.

7. The time his character, Do Chi San, acted like a puppy in Rooftop Prince.

8. The time he looked like he had just rolled out of bed with his clothes on.

9. Every time his Pride and Prejudice character Lee Jang Won went mean girl and he had to put a snooty look on his face.

10. The time he channeled his inner bad boy, and it looked GOOD.

So what do you think about Choi Woo Shik? When did you first discover him in a drama? Are you watching Fool's Love? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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