Miss A member and actress, Bae Suzy has a lot to celebrate this year. First off she had a starring role in the hit K-Drama, Gu Family Book, tons of product endorsements, and she’s a dream girl to countless guys. Now she’s got one more thing to celebrate: her birthday! Suzy is 19 years old today and we’re celebrating with photos of the multi-talented Idol smiling brighter than any set of birthday candles ever could!

13. Ugh! This is why I love Suzy, because she looks like a doll! Besides, even if that lipstick isn't your color, or you hate pink, Suzy makes you wanna buy it!

12. Girl Next Door fabulous!

11. Suzy is just so fresh-faced and naturally pretty.

10. I love her hair! Notice the bang/fringe to the side and then it's slicked down perfectly! Also, I think she may have a plum tint to it? #LIKES

9. This is so "sweet sixteen" to me. All precious and pure looking!

8. This winter I AM getting a parka with a huge furry hood! Taemin from SHINee even has one. (-_-)

7. "Yessir!"

6. No Make up and her face looks so small next to that coffee thermos!

5. Her smile is infectious and then she has the nerve to be born with an eye smile!

4. She looks like she's standing in the kitchen doorway and asking what kind of cookies you want her to bake.


2. This looks like it was just a random photo taken. Yet in reality if it was anyone of us being captured, our facial expressions would have looked a mess and nothing like this. (-_-)

1. Pretty Suzy!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE