It's Krystal's 20th birthday! Krystal can give a hair flip to her teens because they were soo yesterday! However, during her teens, Krystal strutted her stuff in hair colors practically birthed by a rainbow. To celebrate her birthday, we're checking out some of Krystal's coolest and most colorful hairstyles!

7.  This extremely chopped up bleach tipped look was featured in the f(x) music video for their song "Nu Abo" back in 2010

6. The subtle green strands look so pretty with her dark hair. To achieve this look, use hair chalk, which comes in multiple colors online and in drugstores. 

5. "ELECTRIC SHOCK!" Krystal not only had an awesome dinosaur figurine hanging from her ear in 2012, but she had electric blue clip-in hair extensions too! 

Celebrate Krystal's birthday with the latest episode of My Lovable Girl:

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4. Krystal looked fabulous with this red 'do. This was her look for the f(x) single "Rum Pum Pum Pum" in 2013.

3. This is so pretty! It's like a pink ombre style. Darker on top and gradually lightens towards the ends. 

2. Besides looking absolutely stunning in this photo, her hair matches that bag. #Amazing

1. This was Krystal's most recent drastic color change. The blonde 'do was for the single "Red Light" released in July of this year.

Curious about Krystal's current hair color? Find out her latest shade by tuning into the currently airing K-drama  My Lovable Girl.

Happy Birthday Krystal!!! #HappyKrystalDay 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE