Happy 35th birthday to Daniel Henney! The gorgeous actor and model was born on November 28, 1979 and was obviously a gorgeous gift from the Jade Emperor. Not only is he cute and sexy with his shirt off, but he's also just a very handsome man who seems to have been born for that clean-cut suit and "Casual Friday" look. Since his birthday just happens to land on a Friday this year, why not celebrate by scrolling through 7 of his most handsome and clean-cut looks?

7. He's the type of guy who, when he's walking by in that suit, you just stand there and stare.

6. That body and jaw line! 

5. His eyebrows are really great, aren't they?

4. Imagine if he was your therapist.


See Daniel Henney's very first Korean drama, My Lovely Samsoon:

3. So Clark Kent! He actually could play Superman; what do you think?

2. There's something really sexy and classy about a guy with perfectly parted and combed back hair.

1. He's looking at you! 

Happy Birthday, Daniel Henney!

(Photo Credit: ELLE)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE