Besides being an award-winning actress, an accomplished OST singer, and queen of endorsement modeling, Park Shin Hye is impeccably sweet and giving. In honor of her 25th birthday, which she celebrates today, here are the reasons we aspire to be like her!

1. Her beauty seems effortless.

Not to say there isn't a make-up artist and lots of gym time behind the scenes, but Shin Hye carries herself with a grace that most of us only wish to accomplish.

2. Her positive personality is overwhelming.

If you've ever seen in person, or watched an interview, it is very clear that she doesn't dwell on the negatives. Even during an interview when she was asked about misconceptions of others may have of her, she simply replied with "I think people understand me well."

3. Her fashion sense is amazing.

I understand that stylists help with big events and dramas, but even when she is not gracing a public event, she always looks so put together.

Watch Park Shin Hye in the fun series Flower Boy Next Door:

4. Despite her success, she is still incredibly humble.

When asked to give advice to junior actors at the celebration of her 10-year debut anniversary, Shin Hye could only say, "Even though I have debuted for 10 years, I think I am too young to share advice to my juniors. If there's one thing I must tell them though, it is to make sure to not lose themselves."

5. She is happy to represent her culture.

Shin Hye has been the PR ambassador for several campaigns and causes, including the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival, the Jeonju Film Festival, the "Stop Hunger" Campaign, the Grand Bell Awards, the Anti-Counterfeit Goods Campaign, and Chung-Ang University.

6. Charity. Charity. Charity.

Other than her highly publicized ambassadorships, she also actually goes out to work for charity. In 2009, she ventured to Nepal and gave Christmas gifts by donating items to help children's education. In 2011, she went to Ghana with Korea Food for the Hungry International and sponsored a child, as well as building Shinhye's Center, which includes a library. In 2014, she donated to support the Sewol Ferry relief efforts, including the fund for victims' families. While this could have been highly publicized, a representative from Korea Disaster Relief Association Hope Bridge stated that Shin Hye made the donation without letting her agency know.

7. No, really. She's incredibly giving! 

In addition to all of her other charitable work, she has been part of several showcases to raise money for various causes, such as the Children's Leukemia Foundation, international aid for fair trade, and many more. She has even held several fan meetings with the intent of raising food donations, including birthday fan meets from 2010-2014 where all profits were donated to charity (above).

Even at such a young age, Park Shin Hye has become a role model for all. Happy birthday, Shin Hye! We hope 2015 brings you the best opportunities!

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