It's Suzy's 20th birthday today (21 in Korean age)! That means she's no longer a "teen" and has finally made it to her twenties! Congrats to Suzy, but just because she's officially an adult, it doesn't mean we should just forget her childhood. In fact, lets take a scroll through memory lane at 7 cute photos of Suzy as a child. You'll either be totally amazed or totally jealous at just how gorgeous she was even at a young age. Suzy obviously never went through any awkward-looking stages in her life...check it out!

7. Just look at those rosy cheeks!

6. Ugh! So cute in a hoodie!

5. Supposedly before debuting in the K-pop group Miss A, Suzy worked as a model. 

4. Suzy is what you would call an "ulzzang," which in Korean means "best face." It's a term given to those who are really good looking. It totally fits Suzy, right?

Watch Suzy in the movie  Architecture 101:

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3.  Classic: A Pose with a Rose.

2. This picture makes me excited for Christmas. I also want her scarf.

1. Adorable. She looks cute with short hair,but I'm happy she keeps it long these days.

Happy 20th Birthday, Suzy!!!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE