March 28 is a big day in K-pop birthdays! Not only is Jackson turning 20, but Infinite's Hoya is turning 24! Both idols had their birthdays trending internationally on Twitter, so let's take a look at what makes us love Hoya so much! Here are 9 times Hoya stole our hearts:

1. When he smiled, and we couldn't help but smile too

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2. When we couldn't take his winking face seriously, but it was adorable anyway

3. When he showed off his serious dance moves

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4. ...and his not-so-serious dance moves

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5. When he gazed directly into our souls

6. When he gave the least-intimidating side-eye of all time

7. When he held a puppy, and we couldn't decide who was cuter

8. Or when he kissed this puppy on Answer Me 1997, and we got jealous

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9. Really, when he was just an all-around sweetheart

Happy birthday, Hoya! We hope this year is full of many of your beautiful smiles! What do you love about Hoya? Share your thoughts in the comments! If you want to celebrate his birthday right, check out his excellent performance in Answer Me 1997: