Popular Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan turns 28 on November 20. His good friend Puff Guo said they had agreed to have dinner together on his birthday. However, Aaron is busy with fan-meets in China. Therefore, we present a great MV of Aaron and Puff dancing closely together to his new song "No Cut," which was filmed after his hit drama Fall In Love With Me was completed.

Puff said she was surprised when Aaron asked to team up with her to dance together. She said she's the worst at dancing among her girls group, Dream Girls, which also includes Emily Son and Tia Li. Aaron told her that he was the worst dancer too when he was in the boy group Fahrenheit, so they're "perfect together." They nevertheless took dance lessons for the MV, and they really looked good.

Watch Aaron's latest series, Fall in Love with Me:

Aaron has been busy in China attending fan-meets and autograph sessions while promoting his newest two new albums, Drama and Cut. His schedule is so tight that he's practically in a different city every day. At every stop, he's been overwhelmed by fans' enthusiasm and would even stay up till midnight to sign his autographs.

At Chendu on Nov 15, fans prepared a large cake as a surprise, and Aaron was visibly touched and said, “I really like Chengdu because the fans here are very enthusiastic.”  For Fans who miss Xiao Lu, the beloved, cute guy from his recent hit drama Fall In Love With Me,  Aaron put on Xiao Lu's signature eyeglasses and appeared as his alter ego again.

Ever since Aaron flew solo after his boy group Fahrenheit became dormant, he has matured to be more confident, and his projects have also been creative and successful. When asked about his future, he said he would continue to focus on his acting and singing. He seems really happy as a solo artiste.

Happy Birthday, Aaron, and we'd love to see you soon again!

(photos: dearaaronyan, FB)