It's G-Dragons birthday! Just think, 26 years ago GD was born Kwon Ji Yong and BIG BANG was only a scientific theory. Who knew he would grow up to become the leader of one of the biggest groups in K-Pop, an awesome rapper, and of course a fashion icon?! One thing's for sure, GD was always cute with a gorgeous smile and sharp distinctive eyes even as a child! Just check out these super cute photos of the birthday boy from wayyyy back in the day!

8. GD was totally stylin' with like three different hairstyles at once. The small bang/fringe at the front, the spikes up top, and the mullet...yes the mullet in the back.

7. "GD that's me. Who you? Not me."

6. Years later and girls are walking around in outfits just like this! #TrendSetter

5. Ballerrrrrr!

4. Strike a pose!

3. Look at that eye smile!

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2. "Heartbreaker"

1. Look at this squish monster! GD was probably a Joseon King in a past life. #BelieveIt

Happy Birthday GD!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE